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Success Story: Modernizing Utility Infrastructure Data Management for the City of Sunnyvale

Situated at the heart of Silicon Valley, the City of Sunnyvale recognized the pressing need to streamline its utility infrastructure data management. The challenge was to migrate a substantial backlog of utility asset updates, transition from paper-based processes, and enhance GIS workflows. With aspirations to harness GIS technology for comprehensive solutions, the city sought a skilled GIS consultant to modernize its approach and meet its evolving goals.


The City of Sunnyvale embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its GIS infrastructure, facing multifaceted challenges head-on. A primary goal was the digitization of utility asset data entrenched within as-built drawings and field redline submissions. Swift and accurate transformation was imperative to enhance data accessibility. In parallel, the city confronted limited in-house GIS resources, compelling a strategic partnership to effectively manage extensive utility updates and facilitate enterprise-level solutions. This collaboration proved pivotal in optimizing GIS capabilities for improved utility data management.

The integration of GraniteNet into the GIS landscape presented an intricate challenge, demanding an intricate understanding of utility GIS datasets, complex tables, and the dynamics of ArcGIS Enterprise map services. Successful integration hinged on a nuanced grasp to ensure seamless assimilation. Amidst these advancements, the sustenance of ArcGIS Enterprise was paramount. Regular updates and steadfast maintenance of diverse map services played a critical role in sustaining efficiency. The unwavering support provided a reliable backbone to cater to the evolving needs of utility management within the GIS ecosystem.


Since 2021, GEOinovo has been collaborating with the City of Sunnyvale to effect transformative changes. The process began with efficient conversion of as-built data, leveraging our industry experience to improve utility GIS information. A web-based help desk portal was established, simplifying utility GIS updates via streamlined request submissions and progress tracking.

GEOinovo expertly managed the influx of utility redlines and as-built updates, ensuring dependable GIS data availability for both office personnel and field teams. Through custom web maps and map services, we provided the city with a practical solution for daily data consumption. Our ArcGIS Enterprise proficiency enabled the delivery of updated map services and enhanced functionality. Meanwhile, our commitment to data management best practices maintained consistency and reliability throughout the city's GIS ecosystem.

We facilitated the integration of the City's GIS with GraniteNet, deploying mobile map packages to empower field staff with the latest data even in disconnected environments. Additionally, we maintained open communication with the City's GIS Administrator, ensuring smooth transitions to the latest Esri technology while continuing to support existing ArcMap processes.

The efficiencies realized through this partnership with GEOinovo are a testament to the transformative power of comprehensive GIS solutions.

City of Sunnyvale Storm Viewer – N Mathilda Ave / Java Dr improvements

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The collective impact of our services was a surge in workflow efficiency, cost savings, and extended support services. The integration with GraniteNet and the modernization of ArcGIS Enterprise operations yielded tangible benefits, marking a paradigm shift in utility data management. This success story underscores the invaluable partnership of a GIS services provider that understands the comprehensive landscape. With GEOinovo, you can confidently elevate your GIS operations to new heights.

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