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About Us


About Geoinovo Solutions, INC

GEOinovo Solutions, Inc. (WBE, DBE) delivers GIS technology solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and realize organizational efficiencies through data-driven decision-making. OR

At GEOinovo Solutions, Inc., we help our clients solve complex problems through the innovative use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our team of experts is ready to take your GIS to the next level. 


Careers in GIS

Organizations across the globe are increasingly relying on location intelligence to make better decisions. As a result, careers in GIS are in demand more than ever. Equipped with data visualization and spatial analysis skills, GIS professionals qualify for occupations in countless fields.

If you’re curious about exploring the world you live in and helping the environment, a career in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the ideal choice for you. GIS is beneficial for many industries since it includes implementing and converting complex data sets into intelligent and valuable knowledge for companies to consume.

Capability Statements

GIS is an effective way to store, manage, utilise and distribute the valuable data and associated reporting. Intertek have a proven history in developing leading and bespoke GIS systems, delivering these to clients across our operating sectors.

GIS ensures a strong spatial and temporal analysis capability, providing consolidation of information and improved understanding of the spatial and temporal context.


Careers at Geoinnovo

Geoinnovo is dedicated to our employees and their continued growth and well-being. Team members are part of a dynamic and growing company that recognizes the value of its employees, respecting individual rights and treating all employees with courtesy and consideration.

We are always interested in adding skilled, creative, and experienced professionals to our team. We seek innovative people who are motivated, have great customer skills, who want to make a difference, and thrive in a team environment. If our core values inspire you to make a difference in the lives of others, then you have come to the right place.

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